WWE Vintage Collection Report: October 24th 2010
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

In preparation for our annual Survivor Series retrospective, this week we take a look back at highlights from the short-lived “Survivor Series Showdown” programme, which aired just days before the PPV between the years 1989 -1993. The concept of the show was to whet the appetite of fans, by featuring several matchups (taped at prior TV events) pitting participants of the elimination tag matches against each other. Think of it as the Sunday Night Heat show of the early 90s. Five matches have been picked for us so let’s begin.

Survivor Series Showdown – November 21st 1993
Irwin R. Schyster vs Marty Jannetty
IRS was heading up a Survivor Series team which included Rick Martel, Adam Bomb and Diesel, while Jannetty could count on Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid and Randy Savage (replacing the departed Mr Perfect) as teammates. We join this match in progress to see IRS use Jannetty’s quickness against him to toss him to the floor. IRS sends Jannetty into the ring apron and steel steps. Jannetty counters a suplex back in with a rollup for two. IRS re-asserts himself with a backelbow and goes to a chinlock. Jannetty reverses a head ram to the corner. IRS lands a gut shot and applies an abdominal stretch. IRS uses the top rope as leverage unbeknownst to the referee. Jannetty hooks a leg to hiptoss free, but immediately misses an elbow drop. Jannetty gets sent to the corner. Jannetty leapfrogs over a charge, sends IRS to the corner, then lands a gut punch. Jannetty fails to put IRS away with a running kneelift and sunset flip. IRS (whose suspenders have now broken) comes back with a suplex. Jannetty retaliates with a flying backelbow, before being caught with a flying clothesline. Jannetty does a 360 in mid-air and is done for the sudden 1-2-3. This match started to pick up during the closing moments. IRS was being positioned as a challenger to Razor’s Intercontinental title so I guess that’s why he went over here. Winner: IRWIN R. SCHYSTER.

Survivor Series Showdown – November 18th 1990
Sgt Slaughter w/General Adnan vs Tito Santana
Slaughter had recently returned to the WWF as an Iraqi sympathiser (the Gulf War was ongoing). His “Mercenaries” Team would include the Orient Express (Sato & Tanaka) and evil Russian Boris Zhukov. Santana was a part of Nikolai Volkoff’s “Alliance” foursome which also included the Bushwhackers. Slaughter complains to the referee about Tito using the hair (or lack of) as an unfair advantage, before giving a physical demonstration to the poor official. Adnan waves the Iraqi flag from the floor as Slaughter methodically works over Tito’s gut, and spits on him before placing him on the top rope to beat on the chest. After a throttling, Tito tries to fight back, but Slaughter prevents a backbodydrop and suplexes Tito across the top rope. Tito comes back with a sunset flip and irish whip, which sends Slaughter sailing over the top rope after hitting the corner face first. Tito goes out to stomp Slaughter and chase Adnan away, but the referee blocks Tito from going out again.

After a break, Tito has brought Slaughter to his knees with a sleeper. The Sarge uses a backbreaker to escape. Slaughter delivers a suplex, misses a top rope splash, then telegraphs a dropkick by hanging on to the ropes. Slaughter foolishly heads up top again only for Tito to throw him off. Tito hits his patented flying forearm to send Slaughter onto the apron. Tito pulls Slaughter and Adnan up for a double noggin knocker. As Tito goes to slam Slaughter back into the ring, Adnan trips him and Slaughter falls on top for the 1-2-3. An incensed Tito rushes out to pound Slaughter all the way up the aisle until the referee steps in. Slow paced, but surprisingly okay to watch. The result kept Slaughter strong as he was being groomed as the next challenger to Ultimate Warrior’s WWF Title. Winner: SGT SLAUGHTER.

Survivor Series Showdown – November 24th 1991
Earthquake w/Jimmy Hart vs Big Boss Man
Earthquake along with fellow Natural Disaster Typhoon and IRS would face Boss Man and the Legion of Doom in a six man elimination match after both team captains Sid Justice and Jake Roberts were taken out of the match due to injury and “storyline suspension,” stemming from a snake attack on Randy Savage. Quake jumps Boss Man as soon as he enters, going after the law enforcer’s back. Quake misses an elbow drop. Boss Man fires up, wobbling Quake with a backelbow, uppercuts and a big boot, before pushing the teetering behemoth down. Boss Man sneaks up behind Jimmy Hart to chase him around the ring before heading back in. Quake turns the tide squashing Boss Man in the corner with an avalanche splash. Boss Man manages to tie Quake up in the ropes and deliver some hard time slaps to the face. IRS wanders down to ringside to “observe.”

Back from a break, and Boss Man is favouring his wrist after Quake has worked it over. Boss Man uses his other arm to fire off several backelbows, then thrusts his weight into Quake’s chest in the corner. Quake targets the arm once more, but Boss Man connects with an enziguiri for a close nearfall. IRS yanks Boss Man to the floor in full view of the referee. Boss Man decks the taxman, then gets back in to clothesline Quake down. Jake Roberts and Typhoon run in and the referee throws the match out. Boss Man grabs his nightstick, and Legion of Doom run down to even the odds and send the heels packing. So the referee DQ’s Earthquake when two people simply run in, and not when IRS pulls Boss Man out of the ring. Weak finish to what was otherwise a fun little match. I always had a soft spot for these two big men, who put on an entertaining little bout with some good psychology. Winner via DQ: BIG BOSS MAN.

Survivor Series Showdown – November 22nd 1992
Tatanka vs Repo Man
In a break from what was normal Survivor Series tradition, Tatanka was preparing to face Rick Martel (for the umpteenth time) in singles competition after the Model stole the Native American’s sacred feathers to wear as a fashion piece. We join this match in progress with Repo trapping Tatanka in an armbar while proclaiming “now I’ve got him.” Tatanka chops his way free then catches Repo coming off the second rope with a gut punch. Tatanka goes back to his standard offense – more chops, before slamming and landing a tomahawk chop from the top rope. The crowd think it’s over, but Repo rolls a shoulder up at the last moment. Tatanka ducks a clothesline, Repo blocks a rollup and Tatanka hits the mat. Repo stalks Tatanka instead of going for the win and after ducking another clothesline, Tatanka gets the pin following a samoan drop to keep his near one year unbeaten streak intact. Winner: TATANKA. Repo’s over-the-top mannerisms made a boring match a little bit more interesting. That being said I have always been indifferent to Tatanka as I found his moveset limited and quite bland. He relied way too much on chops and little else.

Survivor Series Showdown – November 24th 1991
Million Dollar Title: Virgil vs Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase w/Sensational Sherri
Virgil upset former employer DiBiase for the title at SummerSlam and DiBiase has been trying to get it back ever since. Both were part of star studded teams at Survivor Series. DiBiase would have Ric Flair, Mountie and Warlord on his side, while Virgil joined forces with Roddy Piper, Bret Hart and British Bulldog. DiBiase easily schools Virgil to start with an armdrag, hiptoss and some chain wrestling. DiBiase lets out his trademark laugh. The laugh turns to anger when Virgil comes back with two hiptosses, before catching DiBiase unawares with a rollup and small package. The referee seems to count three and Virgil holds his hands up, but it gets blown off as a two count and the match continues. Virgil takes DiBiase down with a side headlock. DiBiase sneaks a rollup, but Virgil kicks out. DiBiase backs to the corner, Virgil reverses an irish whip, charges and eats an elbow. DiBiase tosses Virgil to the floor, where Sherri kicks, scratches and gauges with her high heeled shoe. DiBiase comes out to put the boots to his former bodyguard.

Back inside, DiBiase works over Virgil in the corner and delivers a suplex. Virgil elbows out of a chinlock, runs into a knee and goes back on the defensive. In full control, DiBiase gets cocky and misses a blind falling elbow from the second rope. Virgil jabs away as DiBiase tries to beg off. Virgil lands a gut punch, two clotheslines and a side Russian legsweep. As Virgil prepares to mount DiBiase in the corner, Repo Man sneaks down and hides the title inside his jacket. Sherri distracts the referee, Virgil goes to confront Repo and gets laid out with a belt shot to the head. Repo scurries away like a thief in the night, as DiBiase covers Virgil for the 1-2-3. Looks like Repo was on DiBiase’s payroll. After the bell, DiBiase gets on the mic and goads the unconscious Virgil, while slapping him. “I told you that you couldn’t keep my belt. Never, ever mess with the Million Dollar Man. Now you’re back where you were when I found you, penniless in a gutter.” Sherri passes DiBiase a $100 bill, but before he can stuff it into Virgil’s mouth, El Matador (Tito Santana) runs down to make the save and stand over Virgil. After exchanging words, Matador sends DiBiase packing with an atomic drop over the top rope. This set up a tag match between DiBiase and Repo Man against Virgil and El Matador at the upcoming Tuesday Night in Texas show, which the heels would win. This was a good match, carried by DiBiase and was effectively the end of Virgil’s WWF push. Winner: MILLION DOLLAR MAN TED DiBIASE.

The 1991 offerings were the best things on this week’s show, which was somewhat dominated by the heels in order to try and give the PPV matches some last minute added heat. Only one non-finish too, which is good, as I like to see decisive finishes. They could easily get another show from this format as there are a few more matches that would make for good viewing. Marty Jannetty vs Rick Martel and Bret Hart vs Honky Tonk Man, both from 1990 immediately spring to mind. See you next week! Shaun.

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