WWE Tough Enough Results
Episode One
Aired on Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Report by Kenneth Nida of F4WOnline.com

The sixth season of Tough Enough begins tonight. We last saw the show in 2011, when Andy Leavine won, but was released shortly thereafter. The show has also produced the careers of Ryback, The Miz, John Morrison, Maven and WWE Diva Cameron, who was the first person eliminated last season.

The show opened up with Chris Jericho and his co-host Renee Young, introducing the judges, Daniel Bryan, Paige, and Hulk Hogan. Hogan gets a full entrance with clips from his career playing. Jericho asks the judges what they are looking for – Daniel Bryan says he is looking for someone with heart, Paige is looking for someone who stands out, while Hogan is looking for “The It Factor”.

Andy from last season supposedly had “The It Factor”, but he didn’t make it too far in the WWE. Renee gives the rundown of the rules of elimination, and then cuts to clips of the contestants meeting the coaches and going through the first challenge. Each contestant gets a brief clip showing a bit of their personality.

The challenge is to run from one end of the field to the other three times, wearing a training parachute, then lift a bag filled with sand that weighs their own body weight and climb to the top of the stadium. The winner is Tanner, Amanda is the first girl to finish and ZZ comes in last. After the challenge, they introduce the contestants to their new home at the performance center; most are less than pleased with the “military style” accommodations. Everyone then immediately goes out drinking, leaving the underage ZZ and Patrick behind.

Back to the live show, they introduce each of the contestants, and then cut back to the group out at a club. Gabi shows off her skills on a stripper pole, while a brief clip of ZZ and Patrick in the hot top is shown. The group returns and a couple of the girls join them, but ZZ quickly drives them off after he takes off his swim shorts. The contestants are awoken bright and early at 6:00 a.m. for push-ups and running. Tanner talks trash to the other guys while getting his hair braided.

The coaches then go through some basics, including running the ropes, and picking people up using a bag. The next challenge will include both skills. More trash talk as the coaches ask each person how many times they think they can run the ropes and then lift a sandbag and slam it; Tanner says he can double each of the other contestant’s number. They show clips of each person going through the challenge, the men’s average score is 8, and Tanner finishes with 16 (Dianna finishes with 17).

Dianna’s fiancé picks her up and they go off together. The other women take the opportunity to talk trash about her, saying she doesn’t belong and that she won’t be able to last the entire competition. Gabi becomes the first competitor to pull the “I’m not here to make friends” line after Dianna declares her loathing for her. More trash talk between the guys, with Patrick and Tanner getting in each other’s face.

Back to the live studio, the contestants are grilled by the judges. Hulk Hogan asks Dianna if she’s the next Diva, or a trophy wife, pointing out that she got very emotional earlier when speaking about her fiancé. Paige calls out Hank for commenting that ZZ is the least fit there, including the women. Daniel Bryan asks Daria about taking risks in her life.

The judges choose the bottom three. Hulk Hogan chooses ZZ, Daniel Bryan chooses Hank, and Paige chooses Josh, and then Jericho opens up the live voting.

The bottom three are allowed thirty seconds to cut a promo on why they think they should stay – this is done after the voting is already finished. Each judge is given a chance to use their save for the season, and each judge declines. Hank is eliminated with 22% of the vote, while Josh got 26% of the vote and ZZ got 52% of the vote. The show ends with ZZ inviting Hank to visit him if he’s ever in Louisiana. Chris Jericho then invites everyone to go to the WWE Network for Tough Talk with The Miz.

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