WWE Superstar Sonya Deville has quickly established a reputation for herself as one of the toughest workers in the women’s division. The New Jersey native currently performs on SmackDown Live but she got her start on Tough Enough in 2015.

That beginning was more eventful than she likely ever believed it could be because of what happened during the premiere episode. Sky Sports caught up with Deville, who spoke about the moment she came out as gay to the world.

“During the preliminary taping of the first premiere episode, they asked me if I was in a relationship. I had a girlfriend at the time. Not only was I not expecting that question, I was in a bikini in high heels in front of Triple H and other WWE executives inside the ring! The other girls had spray tans and their extensions in, and they looked beautiful – and I was just like this MMA fighter chick. I felt so out of my comfort zone when they asked me that question. I thought ‘what do I do… well, tell the truth, right?’ So I said, yeah, I have a girlfriend, but she’s not my wife yet.”

When the moment happened, some may have wondered if Deville had planned it. But that wasn’t the case.

“It was one of those spontaneous moments. It truly wasn’t planned, but I’m so grateful that it happened because after that, it not only gave me a new realisation of what it means to be open and true to myself, but I feel like it helped me inspire other people.

Sonya Deville’s friendship with Mandy Rose has been somewhat strained recently. The problems began at WWE Evolution, where the two participated in the Women’s Battle Royal. Rose eliminated Deville and the two have not really been on the same page since then.

The Absolution trio that included both women as well as Paige, abruptly ended when Paige was announced as the new SmackDown Live General Manager. Though Deville and Rose may have some heat brewing between them, it’s unknown if one will turn on the other at some point in the near future.

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