This week’s live episode of SmackDown on the USA Network featured the 2016 WWE roster draft. SmackDown aired from the DCU Center in Worcester, MA.

– SmackDown opens up with Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan on the stage to represent SD, and Stephanie and Mick Foley on stage to represent RAW in this year’s Draft. RAW gets the first pick, and Stephanie announces their #1 pick: Seth Rollins! SmackDown’s first pick is Dean Ambrose. RAW’s second pick is Charlotte, and SmackDown’s second pick is AJ Styles. RAW picks Finn Balor for their third pick, and then the draft is interrupted by John Cena who is out next for a match.

– John Cena def. Luke Gallows: The Club is in Gallows’ corner, and Enzo and Amore are in Cena’s corner. Gallows controls most of the first half of the match, then Cena comes back with a shoulder block, a back drop, and the five-knuckle shuffle for 2. Both men are down when Enzo and Amore and The Club decide to enter in the ring. Enzo and Cass throw AJ and Anderson to the outside, then Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Gallows for the win.

– Foley announces that Roman Reigns is RAW’s next draft pick, and Shane announces that SmackDown’s next pick is John Cena. Stephanie announces RAW’s next pick Brock Lesnar, and Daniel Bryan announces SmackDown’s next pick Randy Orton. Stephanie’s next pick for RAW is The New Day.

– Darren Young and Zack Ryder def. Rusev and The Miz: Bob Backlund is at ringside for Darren Young. Rusev and The Miz keep Ryder grounded in the opening moments while the crowd chants “We want Backlund.” Darren Young gets the tag and hits a belly to belly overhead suplex on The Miz followed by the Gut Check for 2. Rusev and Ryder run in, which leads to Ryder hitting a missile dropkick that sends Rusev to the outside. Backlund calls for the Crossface Chicken Wing and Young locks it in for the win.

– Bray Wyatt def. Xavier Woods: Xavier acts scared of Bray in the opening minutes of the match. Bray gets in all of the offense early on. Woods tries to get back in the game with a series of right hands and a knee, but eventually falls victim to the Sister Abigail which gives Bray the pinfall victory.

– Kevin Owens vs. Kane – No Contest: Before Owens can get to the ring, Sami Zayn jumps him from behind. They brawl all the way to the ring where Kane observes the fight. Owens throws Zayn at Kane, but Kane chokeslams both of them.

– Stephanie picks Sami Zayn for RAW next, and Shane picks Bray Wyatt for SmackDown. RAW’s next pick is Sasha Banks, and SmackDown’s next pick is Becky Lynch. RAW’s final pick for this round is Chris Jericho.

– Dana Brooke & Charlotte def. Sasha Banks: This one is a handicap match. Sasha starts off in control against Dana but things go to ringside where Dana and Charlotte take control. Sasha gets Dana in the Banks Statement but Charlotte gets the tag and hits the Natural Selection for the win.

– Foley announces that Rusev is going to RAW, and Daniel Bryan announces that The Miz is going to SmackDown. RAW’s second pick in this round is Kevin Owens, and SmackDown’s next pick is Baron Corbin. RAW’s final pick this round is Enzo and Cass.

– Chris Jericho def. Cesaro: Cesaro starts with a series of European uppercuts that sends Jericho to the floor outside, then follows up with a splash off the apron. We get a series of back and forth moves and near-falls before Jericho hits a Frankensteiner off the top rope. Cesaro blocks a Codebreaker attempt and a Lionsault attempt then swings Jericho. Cesaro goes for a springboard elbow off the middle rope, but Jericho catches him in mid-air with the Codebreaker for the win.

– Stephanie drafts Gallows and Anderson to RAW, and Daniel Bryan drafts American Alpha to SmackDown. Foley drafts The Big Show to RAW, and Shane drafts Dolph Ziggler to SmackDown. Stephanie drafts Nia Jax to RAW, and then Neville. SmackDown’s next pick is Natalya, and RAW’s next one is Cesaro. SmackDown picks Alberto Del Rio, and RAW picks Sheamus. These will be the last televised picks, with more being announced after SmackDown.

– Dean Ambrose def. Seth Rollins: The World Heavyweight Title is on the line in this one. Rollins starts brawling with Ambrose at ringside before the opening bell rings. Rollins continues the offense after the bell rings to officially start the match. Rollins takes things back out to ringside, but Ambrose back body-drops him into the timekeeper area. Ambrose misses a splash and Rollins throws him back in the ring for a flying knee and a superkick for a near-fall. Rollins goes to work on Ambrose in the corner until the Champion comes back with a clothesline. Ambrose hits a swinging neckbreaker for a 2-count, then goes up top for a splash but Ambrose catches him. Rollins powerbombs Ambrose into the turnbuckle then goes for a frogsplash, but Ambrose moves out of the way. Ambrose throws Rollins outside then follows up with a splash off the top rope onto Rollins on the floor. Back in the ring, Rollins hits a superplex off the top, but Ambrose immediately comes back with the Dirty Deeds for the win. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan come out to celebrate with Ambrose to close out the show.

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