April 6th, 2020


It’s straight into the action tonight on WWE Raw with women’s singles action. Asuka starts the match in her usual crazy way, but Liv Morgan shows no fear in throwing down with Asuka, hitting several forearms. But Asuka quickly picks up the pace and nails Morgan with a Hip Attack.

Morgan then smartly avoids a strike with a Matrix-style fallback, but she ends up being sent into the second turnbuckle. However, Morgan then smartly fights back again, sending Asuka to the outside with a dropkick and she then sends Asuka for a ride with a unique hurricanrana, sticking her legs out of the first rope to catch her.

But as she tries to keep up the attack, Liv runs straight into a big kick to the face. Back in the ring, Asuka continued to stay in control, stomping down Morgan who tries to fight back with some punches only to be dragged back down to the mat.

Asuka then hits an excellent knee strike to the face, but Morgan then responds with an excellent double knee recoil, bouncing off the middle rope to then connect with the move. Liv then follows up with several clotheslines and a step-up enziguri as she then stomps down Asuka’s back.

Asuka then gets in an armbar, but Morgan reverses into a pinfall, forcing Asuka to release as she then launches Morgan with a German suplex. Asuka follows it up with the shiniest wizard, but Morgan gets her foot on the rope to stay in the match.

Morgan then gets caught in the Asuka Lock, but she smartly bounces out turns it into a pinfall attempt. However, Asuka kicks out and once again goes for the submission as Morgan desperately tries to avoid it, but she then connects and it’s all over.

Winner: Asuka


WWE then shows highlights of Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler’s WrestleMania match, showing their post-match interviews. Becky Lynch makes it clear she is happy to face Shayna again if needed, while Baszler stated that Becky will learn about the agony of defeat.

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