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Attendance was almost full to capacity. A great turnout for a Halifax house show!!!

1st Match:

Chavo Guerrero VS Evan Bourne

Nothing different than you see on WWE TV. Great pop for Bourne!! Solid back and forth match until the expected interuption of the little green bastard. Bourne Wins via interference from Hornswoggle !!

2nd Match:

Alex Riley Vs. Primo

Riley cut a pretty good heel promo, I hope to see him on future WWE TV!. Primo Came out to a decent pop. Primo wins VIA top-rope high-cross body splash.

3rd Match:

Santino Vs Chris Masters

Santino came out to a fantastic pop. Pretty dull match other than Santino’s antics. Chris Masters Wins VIA Masterlock.

4th Match

Triple Threat for US Title

Miz Vs Jack Swagger Vs Kofi Kingston

Miz comes out first to good heat! Cuts a promo (with US Title in hand) explaining how he was the greatest champion we’ve ever seen etc. Next out was Swagger (surprisingly not much heel heat) Kofi comes out to a solid pop (he didn’t do the usual Boom Boom to the crowd, he sold the fact that Miz had his title ).Great match by all 3. Kofi wins via head-kick to Swagger as Miz made his way out of the building with the US title again. WINNER: Kofi.


Womans Match 5th

Rosa Vs Alicia Fox

This match had little to no crowd reaction. I was a little purplexed as to why the WWE would have a woman heel vs heel match. The fans were confused as to who to cheer for. (They probably chose Rosa because she is Canadian, but they haven’t sold that fact to the “WWE Universe” on TV; I though she was from Puerto Rico…lol). Rosa had a very hard time amping the crowd up for a hot comeback. Alicia Fox Wins Via Sissor-kick. Atleast they tried…..

(NOTE: We have better trained, woman Indy wrestlers in the Maritimes that could have worked a bettter match)

MVP & Mark Henry VS The Legacy (6th)

HUGE PoP for MVP & Henry (more for MVP though). Legacy drew the usual heat. Nice well paced match with MVP working the comeback spots. Dibiase hits the million-dollar-slam on a distracted MVP for the win. WInner(s) Rhodes and Dibiase.

Main Event

Randy Orton Vs John Cena “For the WWE championship”

It was a bit hard to tell if Orton recieved a pop or boos. Cena, by far, recieved the loudest and longest pop of the night. Good back and forth action; both hitting the usual move-sets. They did a good-ref-bump spot where Orton hits the RKO on Cena with a barely concious ref making a 2 count. Cena wins with the FU (attitude adjuster). Legacy hit the ring to double team on Cena. MVP & Henry come out next to make the save. Dibiase finds himself alone in the ring with Cena,Henry & MVP. Dibiase gets the world strongest slam by Henry to “Ballin” by MVP to a FU by Cena.

They end the show. Cena grabs the mic and brings out a Canadian Navy serviceman. The Canadian serviceman proceeds to get a good pop, and askes his girlfriend to marry him in the middle of the ring. A great way to close this house show!!

Top Pops:
1. Cena
2. MVP
3. Kofi / Bourne

Top Heat:
The Miz

Hope this good crowd turnout can bring a Raw or Smackdown taping to Halifax again!! From the Halifax NS houseshow, this is Jasin Pettro from the sPn, signing off.

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