— According to sources, Braun Strowman is scheduled for the next WWE PPV – Great Balls of Fire – but it is unclear whether it will be for an actual match or whether it will just be an appearance.

— As noted before, Strowman is reportedly cleared to return from his elbow surgery, though WWE is still claiming that he is injured.

— WWE tried to explain John Cena as a “free agent” in an article on their site. It doesn’t make much sense and there wasn’t much detail, but the company is trying to explain that Cena became a free agent after the Superstar Shake-Up without revealing how that suddenly happened.

— The article went on to question whether Cena would be remaining with Smackdown or heading to Raw, but logic says that at the very least he will be appearing on Raw – or why even push him as a free agent? As noted before, speculation is rampant that WWE is doing this as a way to get Cena on both shows.

— We’ll have more on both of these stories over the coming days.

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