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Here we go, loyal Rajah.com readers. This is your results from the 6/20 Raw house show in Las Cruces, NM, at the Pan Am Center.

Seating is at capacity, as we hit 10,000+.

Tony Chimmel(!) welcomes us, and has Maria upgrade a fan’s seat from the nosebleeds, all the way to ringside, plus 250.00 dollars cash, courtesy of Vinnie Mac.

Mr. Kennedy v. Charlie Haas

Kennedy came out to a HUGE opening pop, and then went for the cheap pop mentioning the city we were in. Haas came out to indifference, and a bit of heat. Great back and forth action, with Kennedy mocking Hass’ every move. Kennedy picks up the win
via a Mic Check. Also kind of funny, Kennedy does his gesture for the mic to be dropped down, and Chimmel goes behind him, and lower his hand held mic for him.

Lance Cade v. Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch starts the match by singing and insulting Cade. A bit of a squash here. Cade wins with an inverted powerbomb.

Ted DiBiase (Jr.) v. Super Crazy

A surprise match, with Super Crazy easily winning over the Latino crowd. DiBiase is a SOLID wrestler, and man, he can go. Crazy went for his usual high spots, but DiBiase wins this one, using… The Million Dollar Dream! A personal markout moment for me.

Maria comes out again, this time with Hacksaw Jim Duggan. In the crowd, they get a fan to be a guest manager. Jessica, I think her name is. She gets to escort Holly/Rhodes to the ring….HOLD the titles……..and also gets 250.00 bucks. (GREAT fan interaction, WWE!)

Holly/Rhodes v. London/Kendrick – World Tag Team Title Match

Holy Smokes was this ever fast paced. I think they did away with the “safe style” on this match. At one point, London nearly killed himself going for a high cross body on Rhodes, missing him, and crashing all the way to the floor. Holly gets the
hot tag, and just CREAMS both London and Kendrick. Holly/Rhodes win with the Alabama Slam, and continue their reign as champs.

Beth Phoenix v. Melina

ANOTHER surprise match, with the divas now. First off, both girls are smoking HOT in person. Beth is a powerhouse, and she pulled off some pretty impressive moves. At one point, she was dragging Melina by the hair all around the ring. Melina, went completely crazy, did her primal scream, and let loose on Beth. Phoenix, however, wins the match with an inverted sitout powerbomb after a failed flying forearn shot from Melina.

15 minute Intermission: I went out for a smoke, and to get a soda.

Maria out again, this time getting a young boy to be the official timekeeper/bellringer. They told him to look under the bell, and yep…you guessed it….ANOTHER 250.00 dollars.

Jeff Hardy v. Paul Burchill (w/ Katie Lea)

Jeff easily wins the pop of the night so far, as his crowd reaction was off the charts! Burchill….ehhh, not so much. The match starts out with Hardy absolutely taking a beating from Paul. Hardy mounts a comeback, gets seduced by Katie Lea, and
get obliterated off the apron and onto the floor. A little bit later, Hardy is able to win the match with a combination Whisper in the Wind/Twist Of Fate/Swanton Bomb. GREAT to see that live.


OK, this match was very interesting. Shawn came our sporting a bandage over his right eye, presuably from an injury sustained the night before. Therefore, he was claiming to the ref he could not see very well. HBK was throwing all kinds of wild punches. Snitsky, on the other hand, hit everything he had on HBK. At one point, Shawn grabbed Snitsky’s trunks, and pulled then waaaaaaaayyyy down, exposing the very white pasty posterior of one Snitsky…..for about 10 seconds. Which was 9 seconds too long for this man. Anyway, Shawn hits the forearm shot, kip up, and nails the flying elbow off the top rope. The band begins to tune up, and Sweet Chin Music….MISSES! Snitsky goes for the pumphandle slam, HBK reverses, and SCM is unloaded again, finding its mark. HBK wins this hard fought battle.

Main Event:

HHH v. Umaga v. John Cena – WWE Title Match

Throughout the night, they asked the fans to text a stipulation for this match.
-A)Falls Count Anywhere -B)No Holds Barred -C)No DQ

No DQ wins the vote.

Maria, out again, asks a fan if they knew what stipulation won the vote. They did….and got……250.00 dollars. For those keeping score, a thousand dollars was given away, at a house show. Kudos to McMahon.

Umaga comes out first, to a hellacious amount of heat. Cena, as usual, gets his pop of the night, with all the women and children screaming for him. HHH, does his full ring entrance, and is massively cheered on by the remaining men in the audience.

HHH and Cena gang up on Umaga, and clear him from the ring. Then, HHH gets tossed from the ring by Cena, when Umaga enters again. Umaga and Cena are back and forth, with Cena failing the FU on Umaga. HHH creams Umaga with the mic, and then goes for
a trash can outside. Cena interjects, and gets thrown out of the ring in return. Umaga and HHH fight it out, where Umaga gets HHH on the outside on the ring apron, and decks him. Cena grabs a chair, and lays in wait. Cena enters the ring, and hits Umaga with the chair in the gut, doubling him over. HHH has found something, and the crowd is rabid by now. You see, HHH found his sledgehammer. HHH enters the ring and misses with the sledge. Cena does his throwback manuever, and goes up top for a HIGH legdrop. You Can’t See Me, and a five knucke shuffle later, Cena hits the FU on Umaga. HHH enters the ring again, DRILLS Cena with the sledge, and a monumental Pedigree is executed on Umaga. HHH wins this competiton, and retains the WWE Title.

HHH poses for the crowd, as the house lights come up. Tony Chimmel thanks us for coming, and says if this is any indication, we won’t have to wait ANOTHER six years for the WWE to come into town.

For my first house show in 10 years, this was an amazing effort. Many thanks to the WWE for entertaining us. This fan salutes you.

Biggest Pop:


Biggest Heat:


That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed reading.

~Chris aka westtxbossman

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