Results sent in by reader Josh Altice

Matt Striker comes out he is the announcer for the night weird I know.
first match is Brodus Clay vs Drew McIntyre. More comedy from Brodus. Drew
landed some shot but mostly a squash WINNER : BRODUS CLAY
Post match celebration with kids from ring side.

Zack Ryder beat a NXT wrestler (jobber)

post match the Shield comes out to destroy Ryder then the powerbomb. As they
stand over Ryder

Rosa Mendez and Eve vs. AJ & Kaitlyn
I chanted Hooski to Eve and received a good glare. Like her as a heel she
worked over AJ mostly who tagged in Kaitlyn. She pinned Rosa after Eve left
her during the match.

Jack Swagger came out to make an open challenge to anybody and was answered
by Ryback. Who for the most part won by squash. 2 meathook clotheslines and
thrna shell shocked.


Santion Marella vs Tensi
The most comedy from santino which I expected. He won with through Cobra.

US title match
Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth
Great match which Cesaro won by using an exposed turnbuckle following to a

WWE Tag team title match
Team Hell no vs primo and epico
Typical hell no match. Won by submission and pinfall by chokeslam and yes
lock. O and the during match hug

Main event
John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vikki
Best match of the night great chemistry between them as Vikki got ejected
from ringside after a few minutes for slapping Cena. Ziggler used the zig zag
briefcase turnbuckle but couldn’t win. Cena won with an AA to send us all
home happy. Match time about 20 min.

First time Raw had been here in 3 years. Good show expert to see shades of
these results on Raw. If thou wanna see pictures or wanna chat email me @
joshkaltice @
It’s interesting to also note that CM Punk was not mentioned at the show at

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