It was previously reported that tonight’s Greatest Royal Rumble Event will be having an intermission which will last for an hour to give way to a prayer in order to pay respect to the customs and traditions of the people in Saudi Arabia. Apparently that is not the case because according to Bryan Alvarez on a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Live, there will be a 15 minute prayer break in the middle of the Greatest Royal Rumble Event around 8 PM local time in order to pay respect to the local customs and traditions.
Adam Silverstein of CBS recently sent a tweet that WWE confirmed that the break will indeed be for only 15 mins and that the break will not be affecting the people watching on the WWE network, which suggests that everyone else outside the country will probably be shown some sort of video package. You can check out the tweet below:

WWE confirms to @CBSSports there will indeed be a short prayer break during #WWEGRR on Friday, out of respect for local customs. It will not impact the home viewing audience.
Separately, I’m hearing the break will last approx. 15 minutes — not an hour as reported elsewhere.
— Adam Silverstein (@SilversteinAdam) April 26, 2018

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