— BroadcastingCable.com has picked up on the story that last week’s SmackDown! premiere on MyNetwork was the channel’s highest rated show ever.

— The Connecticut Employment Law Blog has a good article up detailing the ongoing lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment by former associates Scott Levy (Raven), Chris Klucsarits (Kanyon) and Mike Sanders. The blog writes:

“As expected, WWE filed its motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought by three wrestlers who claimed that they were improperly classified as “independent contractors” and not employees. The gist of the argument is that the wrestlers don’t have a a legal claim and that even if they did, those claims are barred by statute of limitations. But reading it, one is also left with the impression that WWE’s arguments have been developed over time and nuanced to withstand judicial scrutiny.”

The WWE contracts of Raven, Kanyon and Mike Sanders have also been posted online and can be seen here.

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