Submitted by Erik Yonker

– The night starts off with an announcement from JoJo about Roman Reigns not being here. 

– Kevin Owens interrupts and challenges Ambrose to an IC title match later tonight. Ambrose attacks him from behind and accepts the challenge as Owens retreats to the back. 

– Dudleys & Tommy Dreamer vs. The Wyatt Family (Harper, Rowan and Strowman) in a tables match

The Wyatts win with a double choke slam on Dreamer through a table. 

– Neville def. The Miz

Neville wins with the Red Arrow.

– The Social Outcasts defeat The Ascenion & Los Matadors

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Outcasts come out and cut a funny promo that ends with Heath Slater leading the crowd in a song of Country Roads. Really great stuff here. 

– R-Truth defeated Stardust

Incredible work by Stardust who got some major boos from the crowd with his heel work. Match saw very few bumps taken by both men yet it was very well received by the audience and was really entertaining.  

– US Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Kalisto

ADR held the ropes during the pin. Crowd was pretty dead during this ainly because the previous 2 matches were so awesome.

– Becky Lynch def. Tamina (w/Naomi)

Becky wins then gets attacked by both girls after. Nattie makes the save and then celebrates with Becky. 

– Sheamus def. Jack Swagger

Swagger came out to defend the honor of the West Virginia crowd in light of Sheamus’ comments against them.

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens to retain

Owens stared down several small children in attendance. He also told a young teenage female that her sign looked like it was made by a blind 5 yr old. In a move that was a class act, Kevin gave a quick and discreet fist bump to a young handicapped child who was being held up by what appeared to be his mother on his way back up the ramp. Ambrose made sure to high five all those at ringside who wanted one. He made several trips around the ring and up and down the ramp. He had also gotten a haircut since he was last seen on television.

All in all, it was a really fun show and everyone who performed put forth a lot of effort. Only complaint would be the way security acted. Multiple times during the show they would motion for fans to sit down in their seats. They also wouldn’t let fans who weren’t setting ringside or along the guardrail to come up and try and get a high five before or after a match. This upset a lot of parents and children and was pretty sad to see.