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Super Luchas magazine out of Mexico is reporting that Johnny Ace offered masked lucha libre star Dos Caras Jr. a WWE developmental contract, but when he told him they were sending him to Florida Championship Wrestling to learn the American wrestling style, he turned the offer down. Caras Jr. was brought to Tulsa, Oklahoma for last week’s SmackDown taping. WWE contacted him because the company is trying to fill the hole of the Hispanic SmackDown star due to Rey Mysterio’s move to Raw. He was also told that they need a Hispanic wrestler back-up because they are concerned about Mysterio’s frequent injuries. WWE picked him because he’s rather tall and has a good physique. He’s billed at 6-5, but that figure’s probably exaggerated. The company has also talked with Grey Shadow (Ricky Reyes), El Psicodelico Jr., and as reported earlier, Damian 666, who briefly wrestled for WCW. Damian 666 is 47 years old and the other two are masked wrestlers.

— The magazine Record Luchas Mensual did a report on what would happen if WrestleMania was held at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. The magazine said it would draw 104,000 fans and make $4.3 million. When WWE officials were in Mexico promoting the upcoming tour back in March, they were asked when a pay-per-view was coming to Mexico City. WWE Canada president Carl DeMarco (who focuses on WWE’s expansion through Latin America and China from his Toronto office) said, “We expect very soon.” There reportedly has been talk of running WrestleMania in 2010 or 2011 there.

— WWE shipped 646,000 DVDs during the month of May, which is a pretty big number. They shipped 280,000 WrestleMania DVD units within its first 11 days out. The two other big sellers for the year are the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin DVD and the Triple H DVD. WWE has shipped more Triple H DVDs than Austin DVDs, 225,000 to 196,000.

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