– A new subreddit has been created on Reddit.com for fans to discuss the WWE Network: Reddit.com/r/WWENetwork.

– WWE announced last night that the WWE Network will be launching on Monday night, February 24, 2014 immediately following the conclusion of WWE RAW. Forbes.com reports that one of the main reasons WWE is launching the Network in February is to gain leverage in their ongoing TV rights fees negotiations. Aside from WWE negotiating with other cable networks, having the WWE Network as a potential home for their programming is valuable leverage.

Of course, launching it before WrestleMania XXX – and the inclusion of WrestleMania as part of the package, is another big selling point.

Monday’s Old School RAW averaged 4.5 million viewers. The Forbes article states that if WWE were able to sign up 4 million people for the Network – it would generate as much revenue as the entire company took in during 2012.

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