– After Monday’s RAW Supershow went off the air, Kane came back out as the crowd sang “nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye.” As Kane made his way to the ring, John Cena gave him the Attitude Adjustment. Their advertised dark match then took place.

The other advertised dark match did take place, as CM Punk retained the WWE championship against Dolph Ziggler after nailing Ziggler with the Go To Sleep. After the match, Punk grabbed a mic and dedicated his win to Zack Ryder, who had his heart (and possibly a few bones) broken on RAW at the hands of John Cena and Kane.

– Hardcore wrestling legend Mick Foley expressed concern over Zack Ryder’s bump off the entrance ramp at the end of RAW last night. Foley tweeted the following:

“I’m legit concerned for @zackryder. There’s just way too much risk there. That fall off the ramp might not be something you can get through with fortitude and ice packs. Zack has such a bright future; I hate to see his knees, ankles, and spine at such risk. That’s the type of thing that could cost him weeks or months at the most vital time of his career.”

* Picture of John Cena’s Florida Mansion (Holy Crap)

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