Police moved to clear the last remaining pro-democracy “umbrella movement” protest camp in Hong Kong on Thursday, as demonstrators vowed, “We’ll be back!”

Lawmakers, student organizers, and even a pop singer were among those arrested at the more than 11-week occupation, more than 1000-people strong, of the Admiralty district—the epicenter of the protest movement.

Media outlets describe a heavy police presence encircling the protest and ordering them to leave or submit to arrest. According to the New York Times, law enforcement “swept through a protest camp, tearing down tents, posters and speakers’ platforms that had given voice to anger over the government’s restrictive election plans.”

Some in the crowd chanted “We want real universal suffrage” as police moved in to arrest people, the Guardian reports.

The police offensive came just a day after thousands flocked to the streets to take part in a protest celebrating the encampment and vowing continued resistance.