— Last night’s syndicated TMZ television show featured a piece on the Ultimate Warrior’s recent comments regarding Hulk Hogan’s family drama. Warrior uploaded a video to his new website (UltimateWarriorTV.com) and spent several minutes running down Hulk and his family. Warrior, who is shown with a black hooded sweatshirt and an Ultimate Warrior mask on, mentioned the recent pictures of Hulk oiling up his daughter’s Brooke’s legs and suggested that Hulk do the same for his son Nick, who is currently in jail. You can see that video of Warrior here.

— Speaking of Warrior videos, the Ultimate one has also uploaded new footage of himself working out in the gym, training for his upcoming return to the ring. The video, titled “Just Getting Started …”, shows Warrior looking as intense and ripped as ever. He is in remarkable shape for a guy pushing 50. You can see the new video of Warrior working out here.

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