Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday insisted there is “compelling” intelligence showing that assassinated Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani was plotting imminent attacks on American forces in Iraq—but the White House can’t reveal that evidence to the public or members of Congress, even in a highly classified and secure setting.

In two separate interviews Thursday morning, Pence urged the viewing public to take the administration’s claims about the U.S. assassination of Soleimani at face value.

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“Every time we were told, ‘Absolutely, there was an imminent threat you should just see the information, it’s really imminent.’ And nothing was shown to us.”
—Rep. Mark Pocan

“I can assure your viewers that those of us that have seen all the evidence—that saw the evidence in real time—know that President Trump made the right decision to take Qasem Soleimani off the battlefield,” the vice president said on NBC‘s “Today Show.”

Pence repeated that claim on “Fox & Friends,” saying—conveniently for the administration—that “the most compelling intelligence to support the fact that there was an imminent attack being developed by Qasem Soleimani is frankly too sensitive to share broadly.”

“It would compromise what we call ‘sources and methods,'” Pence said. “But I want your viewers to understand that that information was brought to the president and I couldn’t be more proud to serve alongside a president when faced with intelligence that Qasem Soleimani was preparing to launch attacks against American military and civilian personnel, President Donald Trump acted, he took him out.”