On Wednesday, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that TNA recently made a lucrative offer to CM Punk similar to the money Hulk Hogan was being paid by the promotion a few years ago.

Since then, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com reached out to sources in TNA, who told him there was no truth the story. “No offer was made, officially or via an intermediary – no truth to that rumor.”

People close to Punk are saying that he currently has no interest in returning to pro wrestling, much less for TNA.

There were also reports over the weekend that CM Punk was hanging out in the locker room at a live event for Ohio Valley Wrestling. While Punk was at the show (as a guest of Cliff Compton), he was not in the locker room and was not socializing with the wrestlers there. Punk was there to visit OVW owner Danny Davis.

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