As reported over the weekend, masked Mexican wrestling star Averno is believed to have signed a contract with WWE. Averno was one of Sin Cara’s top opponents before Cara came to WWE and is expected to join the SmackDown brand as a familiar face that Sin Cara can have great matches with in the coming months.

Averno, who had a tryout match with WWE last October, is expected to lose his mask to La Mascara at CMLL’s next big event, which takes place on June 17th.

Averno was recently contacted by WWE after company officials asked Sin Cara who he would most like to work with. A number of WWE superstars have had a difficult time thus far adapting to Sin Cara’s lucha libre star and bringing in Sin Cara’s longtime rival from Mexico is a way to showcase both of their unique styles.

Averno headed to WWE has drawn a lot of negative press in Mexico, which has seen their top promotions business’ eroded by WWE recently establishing a strong presence in the region. Averno was interviewed in Mexico yesterday and basically did damage control, denying all of the WWE rumors – likely to keep fans interested in his final CMLL match later this month.

Averno’s father, who is an EMLL referee, confirmed in a separate interview that his son is headed to WWE.

* VIDEO of AVERNO vs. SIN CARA from Earlier This Year (Direct Link)

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