Longtime WWE executive Lisa Fox Lee was fired by the company. Lee, who was employed by WWE dating back to 1995, was most recently used as the Executive Vice President of Content. She headed up the WWE writing team and reported directly to Vince McMahon and Triple H. She was also one of the executives in charge of the WWE Network and television content.

While this has not been confirmed as the reason she was let go, however it is known that Lee was the point person for WWE’s bid on the old Paul Boesch Houston Wrestling tape library. As it turns out, NWA’s Bruce Tharpe made the winning bid and ended up with the library instead of WWE.

Due to the fact that the NWA got the library, they ended up starting their own streaming service with matches featuring many WWE Legends and other Hall Of Famers. While the service won’t directly compete with the WWE Network, WWE was upset that a similar service was started by another wrestling company that featured several high-profile matches.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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