During Thursday night’s UFC Hall of Fame ceremony, one of the key names being inducted into this year’s class was company co-founder Art Davie, who helped envision and produce the original Mixed Martial Arts tournaments that would become the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

During Davie’s induction speech, the Brooklyn businessman jokingly told stories about some of his worst business ventures and booking decisions – for instance, considering booking John Wayne Bobbitt shortly after the infamous national incident where he had his penis cut off with a knife by his then-wife. While discussing his own shortcomings and the negative reaction from the public at the time, Davie compared his decision-making to UFC President Dana White trying to turn CM Punk into a professional fighter.

“Look, it wasn’t one of my better ideas, but hey – you guys got mad at Dana [White] for signing CM Punk too!”

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And speaking of the UFC Hall of Fame, Thursday’s headliner Ronda Rousey briefly caught up with WWE cameras after her own induction. The women’s MMA pioneer and former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion had to leave the event immediately after her speech in order to catch a flight out of Las Vegas to Philadelphia, where she will be performing Friday night at a WWE Live event featuring the Raw roster.

#Rowdy @RondaRousey heads directly from the #UFCHOF to the airport…she’s getting ready for #WWE Live in Philadelphia! #WWEPhilly pic.twitter.com/vWkT4uuXAa

— WWE (@WWE) July 6, 2018

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