Finn Balor was signed to NXT a few years ago now and despite the fact that he was already known to the wrestling community after many years in Japan as Prince Devitt, WWE still decided to keep him down in NXT for a long haul. 
Finn Balor was one of the biggest stars in NXT for many months and had a stand out feud with Kevin Owens before he was then brought up to the main roster. 
It took Finn until the WWE draft to be called up, and Triple H has finally admitted that despite the fact that many of the WWE Universe believe that Finn should have been called up sooner, the Irish star was kept down in NXT because he needed to learn to talk. 

The WWE COO himself admitted that he was aware of the work Finn had done before he came to WWE, but he didn’t think he could talk very well. 
He said: “Finn Balor is a guy that came in from an indie group — so successful, a great in-ring performer but had never really talked much. The first NXT event we did, he looked at me afterwards and was like, ‘Dude, my mind is blown, because I never once thought where cameras were, or any of the other things that we do.’”
Finn has been out of action since the night after SummerSlam after he suffered a torn labrum and required surgery and rehab to fix it. 

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