Before Rey Mysterio and The Miz could compete in the final round of the WWE Championship Tournament tonight on Raw, Vince McMahon demanded that the ring be cleared due to important business he had to conduct. After explaining the tumultuous events that took place the night before at Money in the Bank, The Chairman ordered former WWE Champion John Cena to the ring.

Just as McMahon was going to fire Cena. Triple H, not seen on television since April, interrupted his father-in-law. “The Game,” a WWE executive and husband of Stephanie McMahon, told The Chairman that his decisions of late have been called into question by WWE board members. Triple H dropped a bombshell and announced that he had been appointed to take over the day-to-day operations of WWE. He dropped an additional bombshell by informing The Chairman of WWE that he has officially been stripped of his power and “relieved of his duties.”

McMahon stood in the ring sulking as Raw went off the air.

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