— You can check out the promotional trailer for next month’s Unforgiven pay-per-view (which is only a little more than three weeks away) at this link. It features Batista talking in the rain.

— Contrary to reports, WWE has not signed Southeastern indy wrestler Phil Shatter to a developmental contract, reports PWInsider.com. Shatter is billed at 6-3 and 275 pounds.rajah.com

— Steve Carell recently did an interview talking about working with The Great Khali for the movie Get Smart. Carrell said there was a fight scene between him and Khali that almost went terribly wrong. Carell said, “My life flashed before my eyes because I wasn’t ready to duck. And if I didn’t duck I would have had my head removed from my body. I would be a torso running around!” {Article link}

See the NEW poster for Unforgiven featuring Batista

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