partial source: Wrestling Observer

— TNA is really interested in bringing former WWE star Joey Mercury into the company. They are trying to get him to start imminently. They want him at the Bound for Glory pay-per-view, which takes place this Sunday. However, he has overseas bookings this week, and they’re having trouble arranging a flight that would get him into Atlanta on time.

— The newly relaunched TNA website has added profiles on Judas Mesias, Junior Fatu, and Karen Angle to the roster page. Also, Frankie Kazarian is now being referred to as Kazarian instead of Kaz on the roster page.

— Brendon sent in the following… Hey, I just thought you guys might like to know that Rob Van Dam, Christy Hemme and Raven are all coming to New Zealand for the Armageddon expo in Auckland. The Expo is on throughout October 20-22nd at the Auckland Aotea Centre. Raven will only be appearing on Monday. Rob Van Dam and Christie Hemme will be selling autographs at $20 (NZD I assume) and will be involved in a Q & A session. For more information go to

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