It looks like a TNA wrestler is trying to get himself fired. At the Bad News Allen Tribute Show last Friday in Cochrane, Alberta, Johnny Devine, who is known as Havok in Raven’s faction Seratonin, cut a promo before his match with indy wrestler Scotty Mac where he tore off his Seratonin gear and said he wasn’t going to wrestle dressed up like a stupid comic book character.

Matt Roseboom, who regularly takes photos at Impact tapings and posts them online before the shows air, made the following statement today:

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from this past Monday’s TNA TV tapings.

Just before the show was to start, TNA official Bill Banks came up to me and said I couldn’t take pictures anymore. I told him I was told it’s OK before I started ever coming to the shows last summer. First he said he was going to be watching for other people taking pictures, and I told him that would be a lot of people. Then he said it was because I have a “professional” camera (I have a Canon Digital Rebel.) “You can’t do that.” he said. So I told him that I’ve been e-mailing links to my pictures each time to Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter and haven’t had anyone ask me to stop. Then he said it was Dixie that told him to tell me. Then he walked away.

I stayed for about half the show, then I had to leave. I couldn’t stand being there any longer, watching everyone around me taking pictures and no one stopping them. There was even a lady down from me with a very long lens – much longer than mine.

I e-mailed Dixie Monday night to see what the true problem is and to see if we can work something out. I told her I’d be willing to hold my pictures until after the shows air or even give them all my photos to use however they wish in return for nothing more than photo credit. I haven’t heard back from her.

I’ll update all of you if there’s anything to update. If any of you could do anything to help me get my privileges back, I’d appreciate it.

Matt Roseboom

TNA is looking towards phasing Orlando out as a PPV market, instead using it for TV tapings only. The feeling is it’s time to take the company on the road monthly for PPV weekends in different markets, moving Impact to Tuesday for TV tapings. There’s no timetable for the move but it’s being discussed as something that will happen down the line.

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