A “third draft” script for Monday’s WWE RAW has leaked online, revealing several interesting details about how the show was booked:

– CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, AJ Lee and Christian were all listed under the Miscellaneous category of talent as “INJ – TBD” (“Injured – To Be Determined.”)

– Brock Lesnar and The New Age Outlaws have been moved from the main roster to the “misc.” section. Lesnar is taking time off while The New Age Outlaws are done on WWE TV for now.

– Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are scheduled to return on April 20.

– Alberto Del Rio is also listed as injured, although he is in the script for his match against Rob Van Dam.

– The Miz and Summer Rae had the night off because they are both filming the WWE Studios film The Marine 4. They will be returning May 16th.

– The Great Khali also had the night off and will be back May 24th.

– Adam Rose and Bo Dallas have been moved to the talent roster.

– Sami Zayn is listed as an available babyface. As previously reported, Zayn is the only known NXT talent attending the Saudi Arabia tour this week.

To view the complete script, visit Imgur.com.

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