How clean is your beauty blender?

It’s a question we may consider asking our friends at happy hour this week but, honestly, we weren’t giving it that much thought until now. According to experts, you’re supposed to regularly follow a lather, massage, repeat approach to cleaning your Beautyblender ($20; If your blender starts to basically look old and feel like it’s not doing its job anymore, it’s time to get a new one.

VIDEO: How To Use a Beautyblender

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But several people on Twitter have discovered a new way to clean beauty blenders that’s making us reconsider our entire routine. So what’s the secret? All you have to do is soak your blender in soap and water, place it in a cup, and microwave it for one minute. It sounds a little crazy, but there’s evidence of its effectiveness. Pro tip: Don’t touch it once it’s out of the microwave because the water temperature will obviously rise.

Some people are already fans:

Some people want to stick to their routine:

And others aren’t having so much luck.


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Like the user above learned, you have to make sure to actually place the blender in soap and water (in a cup) otherwise you may end up losing your blender in 60 seconds.

The bottom line? This new cleaning hack proves to be effective, however, many fans are pointing out that you run the risk of burning yourself because of hot water. Others are finding that following the hack leads to the same results as simply cleaning your blender the old fashioned way—the lather, massage, repeat process.

Regardless of your process, just make sure you’re keeping cleanliness a priority.

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