– Dolph Ziggler is currently “down under,” doing promotional work for WWE in Australia. Ziggler visited the Westmead Children’s Hospital on Tuesday and tweeted the following picture & caption:

“Hangin with some REAL superstars!”

– The Hollywood Reporter reports that WWE superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is attached to produce and potentially star in a film tentatively titled “Teddy Bear.” Movie concepts are derived from a wide variety of inspirations, such as dreams. The idea for “Teddy Bear” came from a drawing. THR reports:

“The picture in question was drawn by Alex Panagopoulos, a Greek software engineer turned fantasy artist. It features a little girl asleep in bed while a small brown teddy bear — brandishing a laughably small wooden sword and shield — holds an enormous, fanged monster at bay. And in the fashion of a motivational poster, a caption reads “Teddy Bears: Protecting innocent children from monsters under the bed since 1902.”

* Major SWERVE Coming Sunday Involving THE ROCK vs. CM PUNK

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