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Guest(s): “The Kat” Stacy Carter & Armando Estrada
Date: 4/13/09
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Special Contributor: Erik Clancy
Transcript By: Patrick Kelley

This is one that came out of left field. Miss Kitty, The Kat, whatever you know her best as, has been out of the wrestling spotlight since February of 2001. Since that time, there have been rumors, stories, and a myriad of other mentions of her as to where she ended up, why she left so abruptly, and why she has not been heard from in wrestling circles since that time. Well, it may have taken us 8 years, but we had the lady herself sit down with us and give her very first post WWE interview!

This was a treat for us as Stacy Carter is a total sweetheart, as Patrick Kelley described her, and a genuine person who does not hide or shy away from answering any of our questions. And, as previously mentioned, she’s never given out an interview before… We were gentle and this was a tremendous treat for us to conduct and hopefully will be for her fans to listen to.

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“The Kat” Stacy Carter:

– “The Kat” comes onto the show for her first post WWE interview ever. She jokingly says she’s been “hiding under a rock”

– She left the WWF/E in very early 2001 and at the time she was also going through a divorce with Jerry Lawler. She’s been in Florida ever since and is involved with Real Estate. After all that happened, she hasn’t had much time for wrestling.

– Stacy says that during the divorce, her lawyer (who she admits wasn’t that good) told her to go on the websites & demand that her pictures be taken down. She did it, and that started the reputation that she doesn’t like her fans, which she says isn’t true at all. She appreciates her fans & the only reason she did that was because of legal advice.

– When talking about how she got into wrestling, she says that she actually started in the USWA with Jerry. He got her into the role of interviewer. She tells a funny story about how she got nervous for her first show and Jerry literally pushed her out there. She says the more intimate feel of those shows with the small crowds made her anxious and that was hard to get over.

– She ended up in WWF because they needed a girl. The girl that they originally brought in for the spot didn’t even know what a ring apron was, and they figured that Jerry’s wife would be more knowledgeable.

– On working with Debra & Jeff Jarrett, she says that Debra is the sweetest person in the world. She also says that she had known Jarrett for years and got along with him. She also credits Jeff with the creation of her first name “Miss Kitty”

– Her feud with Terri Runnels is remembered for being risqué. She had fun doing things like that. She also jokes whenever they would pitch an idea to them, Terri would be a little reluctant and Stacy would immediately agree to it.

– Armageddon 1999 is brought up which was the event where she went topless. She says that the move almost cost WWF their spot with DirectTV. She also says the way it happened was unintentional as Sgt. Slaughter was supposed to cover her up sooner AND the camera was supposed to be to her back. She puts over Slaughter as a great guy and she felt sorry for him being stuck with that situation.

– When comparing the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident to her own incident, she says that it was probably a publicity thing for her. This then leads into a funny discussion about the current state of the Super Bowl halftime shows.

– Going back to her departure, she says that the day she was let go was=2 0strange because nobody would tell her anything. There had been some controversy that Lawler had with the sponsors for the XFL & there was also a rumblings that Chyna didn’t want her there anymore because Stacy had been offered a Playboy shoot. But those are vague and she has no idea what lead to her release. All she knows is that they fired her and Lawler quit the same day. She also says that a lot of people backstage were acting very strange when Lawler tried to get answers, even Vince. She admits that the bad experience with her departure turned her off to wrestling.

– She says that she was having problems with Jerry prior to her release and it only got worse once that was all over. When asked if the divorce had anything to do with Lawlers WWE return, she says that Jerry’s return at the timeis a coincidence.

– She got a call from the WWE about 4 years ago to have a meeting. At the time she was getting into real estate, and she wasn’t ready to go back. She does not know what the meeting was to be about.

– When asked about TNA, she admits that she just found out that Jarrett has been running his own wrestling company. They bumped into each other in an airport where they caught up and she was surprised to hear that he has his own company. When talking about her friends in wrestling, she says its amazing it is how much everybody has changed since the last time she saw them.

– She has been taking Indy Bookings and she says that the fans have been wonderful to her.

– She does not wear the colored wigs anymore, but she still has them. She doesn’t even know how it got started for her to wear them. When talking about the blue wig, she jokes that she looked like “Blue Meanie’s sister” She all different colors.

– She had a meeting with Hugh Heffner and she was set to be the next WWF Playboy girl. Chyna was supposed to have her second shoot, but that was to be postponed for Stacy. She had heard the rumor that Chyna was unhappy with this, but never heard for sure.

– Next is a really funny story about how she took a picture with Chyna & Arnold Schwartzenegger. When the picture was being taken, Arnold looked down at them and said “I sees what I like, and I like what I sees” and she says that night, the arena was especially cold….I’ll let you put 2 & 2 together there.

– The interview then shifts to a discussion about her Real Estate business and the problems with the economy and how adjustments need to be made to improve the situations.

– When talking about her recent appearances, she says that she wants to give back to the fans and she wants to make it clear that she did not abandon them and hide. She does love her fans.

– When asked about her training

Word Associations

Al Snow20– “Gives good head”
Terri Runnels – “Little She Devil”
Tori – She tells a funny story about how Tori left her bikinis at home for the diva photoshoot and had to borrow some of Stacy’s.
Mae Young – “She said she wanted on her 100th birthday to be in the ring”
Fabulous Moolah – “Moolah was great. Moolah was actually the only person in the ring that ever hurt me”
Ivory – “Tense”
Stephanie McMahon – “Ice Princess”
Vince McMahon – “The Boss”
Jerry Lawler – “There is absolutely not one word I could give you for him. He is a character”

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