Ring of Honnor and TNA alum Taeler Hendrix is speaking out against the sexual harassment she has received in her time in the industry. Hendrix worked in Ring of Honor as part of Truth Martini’s stable with Jay Lethal and was also a competitor for TNA’s Gutcheck challenge a number of years ago. With a growing amount of accusation against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, Ms. Hendrix posted this on her Instagram: We here at All Wrestling support Taeler in these trying times.


Anyone that knows or follows me knows my puppy Slinky! What they may not know is that he’s my registered Emotional Support Animal! This rescue dog rescued me. He’s helped me find my smile. He helps me feel protected. He’s been with me through the worst of things. He saw me through to the point in my life where I’d meet my future husband. In my life, I’ve met hundreds of women who have been body shamed, raped, sexually assaulted, &/or sexually harassed. I’m sad to say that I’m one of them. Since a young age I’ve been body shamed, drugged, assaulted & harassed. My ESA Slinky helps me to smile & live every day & see the beauty in a life well lived knowing that I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t want it, it didn’t matter what I looked like, what I wore, who I smile at, what I do for a living, what character I play on TV. None of that is an excuse for such revolting actions against myself, my colleagues, my sister’s, my friends, my mentors… stop measuring us by our breast sizes, pants sizes, shoe sizes, ass sizes. We aren’t toys for your pleasure. WE DON’T WANT IT & we certainly aren’t the create a player function in a video game. Measure us by our heart & gumption. We’re moms, daughters, sisters.. I didn’t ask for my body! My body was God given & I’m pretty sure He didnt give you permission to abuse his creations. I’ll NEVER be taken of EVER again. I’m worth more than a paycheck, job opportunity, etc… I’ll speak up for others who may think they can’t because at one point, I felt like I had no voice either. My husband & my puppy love me for me. Love pushes forward to a new day. Guts to come forward led to lost friends, jobs, & more. No regrets! Gumption to stand my ground. I’ve never gone back! Don’t underestimate your power. Don’t underestimate your voice. Don’t underestimate the unconditional love of your emotional support animals. Thank you Slinkers, & to my husband Cory. You both fuel my smile & my positivity to stand tall & fight for a world I believe in. A Dachshund really does make a difference! Unconditional love/acceptance of yourself is an undeniable power. Believe that YOU matter. It’s not YOUR fault. Its time for a change. Make a choice. Be a voice. #MeToo
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