With STORY OF MINE, elegant meets casual. Cool and clean cuts are combined with high-quality materials and give room to the personality.

The label pays attention to sustainability and fair production conditions – all in the aspect of slow and fair fashion.

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Whether in the office, in the evening or in everyday life – with STORY OF MINE every woman can reflect her attitude towards life through her personal influences.


INE lets strong women tell their stories. MAKE IT YOUR STORY.
We now produce our clothes exclusively in Portugal. So we have a good control and short ways. Our garments are produced in production companies with good working conditions and without exploitation. We use sustainable materials and thus save resources.

For the SS21 collection we have devoted ourselves entirely to the theme of the four elements. The flowing fabrics and fresh colors are subject to the forces of sun, water, wind and earth. The mix of natural pastel shades and special summer colors supports the straightforward collection of sustainable fibers. Whoever wears STORY OF MINE should feel completely connected to nature and their own body.

Appropriately, STORY OF MINE asks the world: What is sustainable fashion for you? Because that is what we regularly ask our “Sinnfluencers”. We work exclusively with influencers who share our values and offer their community suggestions for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. So it is not at all about finding the perfect face for the brand, but rather about maintaining individuality and appealing to every type of woman.

And now an exclusive and secret insight for the FashionUnited readers: We are currently working on a partner look topic. So it remains exciting at STORY OF MINE, because our mission has already inspired many men of creation, who are already waiting to write their own story.

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