“Stone Cold” Steve Austin closed out an historic episode of Monday Night Raw last night in Tampa, FL as he led more than 40 returning legends and Hall of Famers to the ring for the biggest reunion in WWE history.

The Texas Rattlesnake offered a toast to the fans all around the world and talked about the “family” of wrestlers and their fans coming together at Raw Reunion, before cracking up a couple cold ones (and by “a couple” we mean like 60) to celebrate with his fellow legends.

However, that wasn’t the last we’d hear from Austin on the night, as the WWE Hall of Famer was interviewed backstage immediately after the show and opened up about what it was like to go out and reunite with all his friends and “family” on television.

“It felt great to be out there. To come out here, and the crowd 20,000 strong in the WWE Universe, it was something else. I’m not a sentimental guy – my name is ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. I’m known for dropping people on the stack of dimes they call a neck, but to go out there with my brothers and sisters on this Raw Reunion – I hope they continue to do this every year, because I will continue to show up.”

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“We’re in the entertainment business. You want people to tune in and watch so we can take you off of your problems. We deal with the same problems, but we’re out on the road doing it. When you get a bunch of us together … people to be wired to do this business, travel up and down the road – it’s a grind. To go out there with your peers, and people who have been doing the same exact thing for so long, to be around like-minded people just trying to entertain the house, it was fun.”

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