Stephanie McMahon recently spoke with The Drum about WWE’s brand recognition, possibly expanding onto Amazon and other platforms, the Mixed Match Challenge series and more. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On streaming the Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook: “It had over 100 million views and it was considered a success by Facebook, we’re now in conversations to see where we go from here, but we’re nimble and flexible.”

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On needing to boost WWE’s brand recognition: “We’re consistently the top one and two show on USA network NBC Universal platform. We deliver like sport live from a gross rating standpoint, but we also are entertainment, so we’re really the best of both. We realized there was a need in the [business to business] sector especially, in terms of brand recognition for WWE [to stand out], and that’s when my role was created about four years ago.”

On whether or not WWE could stream shows on Amazon and/or Facebook in the future: “I don’t think we’re there yet. Linear is still incredible important and reaches a huge audience and delivers, but absolutely, I see content moving everywhere – that’s why WWE is everywhere, because we want to be ready when that time is right.”

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