I was in attendance at tonight’s Raw/Saturday Night’s Main Event taping in Washington D.C. Here are the results from the Saturday Night’s Main Event taping, as well as notes from off the air.

Justin Roberts introduced the show. He was the announcer for the entire SNME taping.

Dark match: Paul London beat Charlie Haas
Paul London came out first, showing off his new haircut. He defeated Haas with the shooting star press.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler came out to ringside following the match.

CM Punk came out at the start of the show. He went to the announcers table with Ross and Lawler.

JBL, Kane, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. defeated John Cena, Cryme Tyme and Batista
JBL scored the win for his team after pinning JTG.

The Great Khali (with Ranjin Singh sporting new sideburns) defeated Jimmy Wang Yang
They showed Khali backstage before the match going into a commercial. I believe Wang got the “jobber entrance” as they aired a video or something while he was in the ring. Khali came out and quickly squashed him. I don’t believe Wang got any offense in.

Jenny McCarthy came out to sizable pop. She spoke on stage regarding autism, so she didn’t actually get in the ring.

Edge defeated Jeff Hardy
This match got a lot of reaction as Jeff was incredibly ovet with the fans. In the final match of the taping, Edge got the win following a spear. Jeff’s body was in the ring, but his head was outside the ring, and MVP jumped the barricade from the ring announcer’s spot and kicked him in the head. And of course, Edge got the victory.

On a personal note, during the Edge vs. Hardy match, they did a spot outside the ring which resulted in Edge charging at Jeff Hardy and slamming him into the barricade. Well, this was my chance to get on TV, and I brought 10 signs. I was in rush because I could see Edge getting ready to charge, so I randomly picked a sign from the floor. The sign I held is quite visible during Edge’s charge as it’s pretty big and in darkened letters. As it turns out, I randomly picked the worst possible sign I made, as my other signs were rather timid. Well, about a minute after me holding a sign, one of the WWE production members comes my way and demands that I give him all the signs I made. I do, and that’s the end of that. The sign I held must have really set off the WWE TV truck team as they usually only have the problem sign taken away if there’s a problem, not all of them. I was a quite disappointed because I really wanted to hold my other signs during Raw, and I couldn’t. Regarding what sign I held up, you’ll probably have to watch SNME as I don’t think its fit to be printed on this site. However, I will say that it’s based on a little Internet wrestling community joke based on Mickie James and well, some unflattering photos she did when she was starting out in wrestling. It should be interesting to see if they actually change the camera angle from this important spot, or perhaps even blur the sign, as it was that bad. I’m wearing a Shawn Michaels cowboy hat if you can’t spot the sign in question by the way. Also, I later realized that the production member was the guy on a headset sitting in between the announcers table and ring announcer/time keeper section, so I guess he got word from the TV truck people on my sign. In hindsight, I don’t think I should have done the sign, and I’ll definitely be more careful in the future. I didn’t think anyone from WWE would “get” the sign I did, guess I was wrong.

Only three celeb video messages regarding autism were played. They were from Ben Stiller, Jeff Foxworthy and Carmen Electra I believe. They were scattered in between the conclusion of the first match, and Jenny McCarthy’s live appearance.

SNME was pretty much an inconsequential show, as there wasn’t much in the way of storyline progression other than the apparent start of a feud between Jeff and MVP.

Non-Raw Notes

Following the SNME taping, the ring crew changed the ring ropes from white to red.

Lilian came out to a nice pop and sweetly sang the National Anthem right before the start of Raw.

Todd Grisham came out while they were dismantling Jericho’s set to get people to hold up their signs.

As reported over the weekend, Mae Young was scheduled to take part in the show. During the second hour of Raw, she came out for the “Kiss Cam” segment. She came arm-in-arm with one of the referees, I believe Marty Elias. Following the “Kiss Cam” stuff, Mae got all over the referee and they rolled around the ring kissing.

After Raw went of the air, Batista got on the mic and talked about Washington D.C. being his hometown. He said he used to be a bodyguard in the area. Basically, he thanked the hometown fans for their support. He lapped the ring to give ringside fans high-fives as he was leaving. There was nothing with Cena and Adamle following the taping as they simply left the ring.

Lilian Garcia greeted a number of fans on her way out.

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