— WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart was on hand for the Maritime Wrestling Expo on Saturday in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Reader Ryan attended the event and noted Hart’s response to a query regarding WWE not merchandising classic “Hitman” shades upon his return to the organization:

“During the meet ‘n greet with Bret Hart, when I was getting my Bret Hart shades (purchased back in 1996) signed, I told Bret that I was surprised they didn’t start making the Hitman shades again when he came back to WWE. In mid-signature, he stopped, looked up (seeming to lament), and said “They were going to, but we couldn’t find the people who used to make them.” I’ve not heard a reason for this reported anywhere before, as it seemed a no-brainer to sell an incredible amount of these cheap-to-produce items… but assumed much like his lack of return to the pink-and-black tights, that he was letting go of another piece of The Hitman’s past. Sounds like he was an active participant in the search for the old producers, and was disappointed that they couldn’t be brought back.”

— The entire active SmackDown talent roster is in Calgary for tonight’s Monday Night Raw taping. Furthermore, members of the Raw roster will be on hand for tomorrow’s SmackDown television taping in Winnipeg. This is being done to push Sunday’s Bragging Rights pay-per-view.

— The official WWE website posted the following video preview of former talent Batista’s guest appearance tonight on Chuck on NBC.

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source: PWInsider.com

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