Shelton Benjamin recently spoke with Lillian Garcia on the Chasing Glory podcast that he has signed a new multi-year deal with the company, despite hesitations about where his career is headed. Benjamin expressed frustrations on the podcast. He says that despite the lack of momentum, every week “I’m ready to go.”

Transcription via Brie Coder at Wrestling INC.

“Lately, I haven’t been doing much as far as on-air with the WWE. For me, it’s just frustrating. So, when you contacted me to do this interview, my first thought was I don’t even know what to talk about because right now, I’m not really doing anything that’s fulfilling to me. I’m here every week, I’m ready to go. For me, it’s like when I watch shows like this, Chasing Glory, people are chasing something. Right now, I don’t even feel like I’m on the hunt. Not that I don’t want to be. That just frustrates me on a personal level.”

Benjamin went on to say that “Yes, I’ve re-signed another multi-year deal with the WWE, so I’ll be here for a little while.”

Benjamin returned to the company during the Brand Extension in 2016, after spending a majority of the aughts in WWE.

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Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia

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