– After a series of messages talking about wanting to quit the wrestling business after 20 years to start a family, former WWE diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch claims she’s getting married.

Sytch posted a bunch of rambling tweets late Sunday night, here are a few random ones:

cant wait to marry @RealMattFike

and have his baby @RealMattFike

love you @RealMattFike

@jamesgang4lyfe broke up in sept…he cheated on me

i am marrying matt fike

@RealMattFike i love you baby

@mmasarah ive actually been sick…so it sucked…. but im marrying a hot 26 year old!!!! @RealMattFike you need that shot…

– WWE legend Shawn Michaels has posted a new 13-minute video answering fan questions, which you can check out here:

* CHRIS JERICHO Spotted … At The Pyramids, With The Beatles & Abe Lincoln (Pictures)

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