Thanks to for the following is proud to have as our interview guest a mainstay of the Ohio wrestling scene and international wrestling star with TNA Wrestling, Shark Boy!

William B. West: Shark Boy Welcome to and thank you for taking the time to stop by. Our first question is sort of our standard first question. What first drew you to pro wrestling as a fan?:

Shark Boy: I just remember seeing “Rowdy” Roddy Piper hit “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka in the head with a coconut and thinking, “What am I watching?… I’ve never seen anything like this before!” It was the ultimate mix of sports and drama with larger than life characters. I just fell in love with it at about the age of 11.

William B. West: When did you first realize you wanted to do this professionally, and what made you decide to choose Les Thatcher’s school in Cincinnati?

Shark Boy: I started telling people I wanted to be a wrestler around age 12 I guess. I met Les when I was 20 and he was just about to open his training center in Cincinnati. It was a case of right place, right time. He had over 30 years experience in the business and I knew I wasn’t going to get a better wrestling education anywhere else.

William B. West: What was it like training under Les physically and mentally? How does your training methods at the Shark Tank school @ Buckeye Pro Wrestling compare and contrast to his?

Shark Boy: Both physically and mentally, it was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life. Besides the conditioning, the class focused on wrestling psychology which is something that many wrestling trainers don’t even touch on. I employ plenty of the same methods in my Shark Tank program and I throw in a few other tips I’ve picked up along the way.

William B. West: You spent a lot of time in your early career working the Indy wrestling scene in Ohio which was very competitive did this help prepare you to make the jump to TNA or is it an entirely different animal?

Shark Boy: I wouldn’t say it’s an entirely different animal, but the level of competition is obviously much higher at TNA. I would certainly credit my years on the independent circuit as solid preparation for the big leagues. I learned a lot along the way that has helped me prepare for my role on TNA’s television.

William B. West: TNA comes to Ohio Jan. 25th in Troy, Ohio and Jan. 26th in Youngstown, Ohio do you look forward more to TNA stops in Ohio where you have your wrestling roots or are they just like other towns on the stop?

Shark Boy: I look forward to being involved with any TNA event, but the shows in Ohio will certainly be extra special. It’s sort of a “homecoming” for me and I know lots of fans who plan to come out and show their support for me in Troy and Youngstown. It’s also a chance for me to thank them for that support.

William B. West: Wildcat Chris Harris, Abyss, and yourself spent a lot of time on the Ohio wrestling scene. Do you think it is as competitive now as it was then, and in your travels do you see many other guys in the area with the potential to make the big jump? Care to name names?

Shark Boy: My schedule has taken me to so many places lately that I honestly haven’t seen enough of the Ohio circuit to name many names. Two guys that come to mind right away are the team of “Irish Airborne”, Jake and Dave Crist. I think they are super-talented and I could see them making the big jump at some point. From what I have seen, the Ohio circuit is every bit as competitive as its ever been. There are still plenty of hungry guys out there and I think there always will be.

William B. West: I know my kids and most kids that I know that are into wrestling are huge Shark Boy: fans. Have you ever considered making Shark Boy: “edgy” or do you enjoy the special connection kids have with you and your character?

Shark Boy: We are actually planning to get somewhat “edgy” with Shark Boy in the very near future at TNA. It is my hope that we don’t go so far as to alienate the kids out there who have really been with the character from the very start. It’s going to be a bit of a balancing act, but I look forward to the challenge.

William B. West: Looking back do you ever wish you had chosen a non-hooded persona so that you would be recognized by the general public, or do you enjoy the anonymity that the mask gives you?

Shark Boy: I do enjoy the anonymity. I don’t think I would have changed a thing.

William B. West: What are your future goals for you, anything left in the business to achieve that you set out to but haven’t reached yet?

Shark Boy: There are still places I would love to go. I’ve never wrestled in Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, or Hawaii just to name a few. I’d love to see a bit more of the world while I am still young and healthy enough to enjoy it. Other than that, I feel like an overacheiver in the business already.

William B. West: TNA is on a exceptional run with the touring schedule, 2 hour Spike TV time slot, upcoming video game and more how does it feel to be a part of this at this time?

Shark Boy: Words can’t describe how exciting it is to be a part of TNA at this time. I am so grateful to be a part of the company that is truly the future of the industry.

William B. West: I’ll drop some wrestling related names and give us some brief thoughts if you would.

William B. West: Les Thatcher
Shark Boy: A well-established trainer and wrestling mind who gave me my start in the business.

William B. West: HWA
Shark Boy: My original wrestling home.

William B. West: IWA-Mid South
Shark Boy: Besides HWA, this was the first place I wrestled and along with Les, Ian Rotten was one of the first to give me an opportunity.

William B. West: Cody Hawk
Shark Boy: Despite our personal differences in the ring, I have a great deal of respect for Cody and what he’s been able to accomplish during his career.

William B. West: A.J. Styles
Shark Boy: He lives up to the name “Phenomenal” each and every time he steps in the ring.

William B. West: Traci Brooks
Shark Boy: As sweet as she is HOT!

William B. West: Abyss
Shark Boy: Also a good friend and a good wrestler, Abyss has one of the best wrestling minds I’ve ever been around.

William B. West: Dixie Carter
Shark Boy: I love working for Dixie and I’m really impressed with what she has done with TNA.

William B. West: TNA Wrestling
Shark Boy: The future force in the industry and one that I’m proud to be associated with.

William B. West: Thanks again for stopping by, on behalf of all your fans here in Ohio we look forward to seeing you and TNA in action Jan. 25th and 26th. Any closing comments or plugs? We appreciate your time.

Shark Boy: I’d just like to thank everyone for their support and invite fans to visit me online at See you all in Troy on January 25th!

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