Enzo Amore had it all during his brief time on WWE’s main roster. He was originally brought to Raw as part of a successful tag team with Big Cass. Although some feared for Enzo’s future in WWE after the tag team split up last year, Enzo quickly found success as a member of the 205 Live roster. He won the Cruiserweight Championship on two different occasions while serving as a member of WWE’s cruiserweight division, but Enzo’s time in WWE came to an abrupt end earlier this year after he was accused of sexual assault. Although Enzo had not been proven guilty, WWE quickly took action by suspending Amore before later releasing him from the company altogether.
Back in January, Enzo Amore was accused of raping a woman in a Phoenix hotel back in October of 2017. The accuser also stated that she had been heavily drugged by some of Enzo’s comrades. Although Enzo Amore strongly denied that these accusations at the time, it is believed that WWE released him from his contract in January anyway because he had neglected to inform the company that he had been under investigation by the Phoenix Police Department since October. The investigation has continued on ever since then with very little updates on the situation being provided, however, it looks like the case against Enzo has finally come to a definitive end for now.

— Enzo Amore (@real1) May 16, 2018

The Phoenix Police Department confirmed earlier today that they have shut down the case against Enzo Amore due to a lack of evidence. As a result, Enzo will not be facing any criminal charges for the claims that were made earlier this year. Amore’s attorney Tom Cargill also put out a statement confirming that the investigation will not be proceeding any further. Although the case is dead at the moment, Phoenix police noted that it could still be reopened if any new evidence is ever found. There is no word on what Enzo will be doing next with his career, but he has expressed an interest in music over the years, and his attorney has stated that Enzo is focusing on a new project related to the entertainment industry.

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