The CIA must release a previously unknown and classified internal study that is said to detail torture and secret detentions conducted by the agency, Senator Mark Udall urged Tuesday at a confirmation hearing for Caroline Krass, a nominee for the CIA’s general counsel.

Leading the charge among members on the committee calling for more transparency and better cooperation from the clandestine agency, Udall said he would not support Krass’ nomination until the internal report—which has so far been kept even from members of the Senate Intelligence Committee—is released.

According to a statement put out by the Udall’s office, the senator’s understanding is that the CIA’s internal report, initiated by former CIA Director Leon Panetta, reached similar conclusions to those in the committee’s 6,300-page study, which was approved and sent to the CIA in December 2012.

In order to put pressure on the CIA, Udall used Thursday’s hearings to push the issue. As Reuters reports:

Udall said that the committee have “requested a copy of the internal review, but the CIA has yet to provide it.”

The Senate’s own investigation, which has also been classified, is said to document the brutality of the CIA torture’s program, but calls to make that report public have so far been resisted by the both the CIA and the White House.


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