The following news and notes were compiled through backstage sources at last night’s WWE Royal Rumble PPV

ORIGINAL: After being attacked and replaced by Nia Jax as the 30th entrant in the men’s Royal Rumble, R-Truth had to be held back by agents – Brian “Road Dogg” James being specifically named as one – in the backstage area. Truth was reportedly “hot” at Nia Jax claiming that she hurt his “ankle and face” during the spot where he was taken out. Sources add that James had to “hold (Truth) back” from going to “hunt” Jax.

UPDATE: Some readers have pointed out that has posted a video of R-Truth looking for Nia Jax seeking an apology for stealing his spot, but there is no footage of people holding him back or any sort of real aggression described above. At this point, I’m unsure if Truth’s reaction away from the cameras was legit, a work or some combination of the two. I’m just passing along what observers saw backstage and relayed to me.

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WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, who made an appearance in the men’s Royal Rumble started today as a road agent/producer for WWE, according to sources. In an interesting note, the #2 spot where Jarrett came out and engaged with Elias was originally planned for Phoenix-area resident Honky Tonk Man, who WWE reportedly reached out to. It’s unclear why that didn’t happen, but one guess is that Honky Tonk Man may have declined the offer on such short notice.

Speaking of short notice, sources also noted that Vince McMahon re-wrote much of the Royal Rumble at the “last minute.”

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