Despite her undefeated streak in MMA coming to an end a few years back, Ronda Rousey is still very much on WWE’s radar. The belief is that she definitely would be interested in doing at least one match with WWE, seeing as how she has always been a fan of the company. She appeared at Wrestlemania 31 in 2015 to work an angle with The Rock, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon, but she has not been able to continue that storyline due to her UFC career and because of her own personal issues. However, it was recently reported that Rousey was told by WWE to train with Brian Kendrick in order to prepare her for a possible wrestling match.
In an update to those earlier reports, it seems that the plan is not to continue that angle involving Rousey, Triple H, and McMahon, but to go in a completely different direction. The Wrestling Observer now reports that the plan is to have a Four Horsewomen of MMA vs. Four Horsewomen of WWE match at some point. They also claim that the company would like Rousey to wrestle a singles match at a WrestleMania show as well. For those who have not seen it yet, the eight-woman tag team match was already teased when Rousey and her MMA friends appeared at the Mae Young Classic tournament tapings. It definitely seems as though Rousey will wrestle for WWE sometime very soon.
Lucha Underground, despite being praised by most fans, is believed to be coming to an end soon. Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Bael was granted his release from the company, and Johnny Mundo recently debuted for GFW. As if the show’s future didn’t look bleak enough, Cageside Seats reports that the company has not been able to earn enough revenue in order to properly remain operational. El Rey Network’s Chief Creative Officer, Skip Chaisson, said that a fourth season for the show “looks good” about a month ago in an interview with IGN. It appears that the company’s future is now in doubt, we’ll keep this story updated as more is discovered.

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