Roman Reigns recently spoke with Planeta Wrestling regarding his recent return where he spoke in-depth about his new perspective on wrestling. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

On his new perspective on wrestling:

“That type of perspective (winning titles and headlining PPVs) has changed for me,” Reigns explained. “It used to be about all these giant moments, and checking off these goal boxes, and doing all these things on my bucket list. But now, I think one of the huge things for me is just slowing it down and living in the moment, and just taking those few seconds we have out there, those few minutes we have out there, and just really enjoying them. Let my hair down and enjoying that moment, enjoying the process of going through it all.”

Who he would like to face at WrestleMania 35:

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“I don’t really have anyone to narrow it down to at this point anymore because I’ve wrestled a lot of different, great characters, a lot of awesome men,” Reigns said. “Right now, I think just where I’m at in my career, just being able to be in the ring and share that stage with anybody.

“Obviously, someone who’s put some time and there’s got to be a rhyme and a reason why they’re there, but to be able to share that moment with anybody, any performer, I think that’s a special moment because we all hold WrestleMania – whether it’s the main event or, hell, even the pre-show – just being a part of that Sunday is special.”

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