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The following are insider Ring of Honor News & Notes from the 14th Anniversary Weekend last week in Las Vegas.

– Truth Martini, the manager of ROH World champion Jay Lethal, was part of a major injury angle to be written off for neck surgery. The surgery is expected to take place soon. It’s unclear how much time Martini will miss.

– Christopher Daniels, who signed a new exclusive contract with ROH earlier this year, has taken a more prominent backstage role.

Daniels, 45, has become more vocal as an agent-type leader helping with matches and ideas alongside ROH head booker Delirious.

Talent say they enjoy working with Daniels in this new role and he’s been able to resolve issues trying to put together matches and shows. Talent now see Daniels as someone to go despite not having a formal title or position behind-the-scenes.

– Tomohiro Ishii kept the ROH TV Title through the weekend since New Japan stars are returning to the U.S. after WrestleMania Weekend.

ROH believes they have enough TV content and wrestlers available to keep the TV Title scene going until Ishii returns.