In the movie, Melton’s character Daniel falls in love with a girl (Yara Shahidi) he spots in New York City’s Grand Central station and feels an immediate connection with.

“I believe in love at first sight,” the former college football player says. “It’s this hopeful curiosity of seeing someone and just being in awe and not being able to explain it, but there’s something that draws you to that person. There’s something you don’t know and it’s just a matter of you being vulnerable enough to explore that.”

Daniel finds out that his crush doesn’t believe in love, so he gives her 24 hours to convince her otherwise. “It’s a very vulnerable thing to do — take out your heart, metaphorically speaking, and put it all on the table for 24 hours,” Melton, who will also appear in

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Over the course of that day, Daniel must prepare for his interview with Dartmouth College, where his parents want him to study medicine. Daniel, however, would rather pursue poetry.

Meanwhile, Natasha (Shahidi) is fighting for her family to stay in New York City and not be deported back to Jamaica.

The time crunch doesn’t stop the two from connecting over karaoke, where Natasha starts to imagine a future with the boy she just met. Daniel captivates Natasha with Tommy Jane and the Shondells’ “Crimson and Clover,” but off screen, Melton usually opts for a karaoke song fit for royalty.

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