TNA star Ric Flair made a few radio appearances this week and as usual with the Nature Boy, there are some newsworthy items to report.

During an appearance on Mark Madden’s radio show on Tuesday, Flair said he wants a shot at Sting’s TNA World Heavyweight title some time this summer.

Flair also appeared on radio station WFNZ’s afternoon show “The Drive” on Tuesday and discussed a number of wrestling-related topics , including his decision to attend Shawn Michaels WWE’s Hall of Fame induction in Atlanta last month. Flair said TNA had “no problem” appearing at WWE’s Hall of Fame ceremony and he plans on attending next year’s ceremony in Miami.

Flair also spoke about his highly-publicized meltdown that took place during TNA’s European tour earlier this year. After widespread reports that Flair was left behind by TNA following a dispute over TNA being unwilling to advance Flair money. Here’s what Flair said about the situation:

“When you work for WWE, you are used to funds being available for you, if you think I am going to spend my own money, you are out of your mind. With Vince…like any other company that grows, you have growing pains, financial growing pains.”

“When you agree to go overseas, you assume you are going like any other company and very simply, I wasn’t informed differently. I said, ‘Hey I need some money while I’m here. I’m not blowing up my credit card. Just pay me what you owe me every night’ and they don’t do that. I wasn’t told in a very nice way so I stayed in the hotel for another day. I’m not knocking. I think TNA is great, just they have growing pains.”

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