WWE Hall Of Famer Ric Flair recently appeared as a guest along with Randy Orton and Bruno Sammartino on the WWE Network original series, “Table For 3.”

During his appearance on the show, “The Nature Boy” spoke about winning a World Championship in his era as well as “The Viper’s,” noting Orton bought himself a rolex after capturing the gold for the first time.

“To be the world champion when I first got it, it was the biggest honor in the world and I hope that being the champion means as much to the guys now as it did to us.” Flair continued, “do you know what Randy did when he won his first one? He went out and he bought himself a Rolex watch. He said, ‘look what I did.’ He couldn’t wait to show me! He came in with a brand new diamond Rolex. The guys don’t do that now. Do you know what I mean? You’re the world champion. It means something.”

“Naitch” also admitted he didn’t feel ready to be the NWA World Champion the first time he captured the title from the late “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

“I beat Dusty [Rhodes], but I wasn’t ready to be the champion. I thought I was. I thought I could work. Well, I was 31 [years old], but you think you’re ready because you’re wrestling Wahoo McDaniel, Ricky Steamboat, Blackjack Mulligan, Paul Jones. You’re working with guys that can work. Then you win the title and start traveling around and 90% of the guys you’re working with can’t work a lick. And it’s a whole different ballgame.” Flair added, “so I found out just how lacking I was in knowledge and skill, not in-ring skill in terms of what I could do, but just not knowing what to do with a guy for an hour.”

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