The following are highlights of a new Associated Press interview with Rey Mysterio:

“It’s that Mexican mentality of wrestlers,” Mysterio said. “You do it because they’d want you to do it. You lace up, you throw your mask on and you go out there and perform. In your mind, you’re performing for the fans and you’re performing for them in heaven.”

Mysterio also admitted that he had some issues returning to the ring following Aguayo’s tragic death.

“It was hard to get back,” he said. “I was doubting myself. I didn’t know if this was what I wanted to continue to do or if I just needed a little bit of time. There were just so many mixed emotions. The people that I work with in the ring, they helped me out. The boys from AAA made me feel loved. They’ve helped me cope with it. The fans, the family, they all lent their hands of support. This is not the time to hang up the mask.”

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